Módulo inalámbrico Móvil 4G y Wi-Fi 2.4G Hikvision

Mobile wireless component, it can support DS-M5504HM-T, DS-MP5504, DS-MP5604, DS-MP5604N,DS-MP7516,DS-MP7608,DS-MP7608HN, DS-MP7608H and it can be arranged freely ,for example, 303302229 DS-MP7608HN + 307500110 DS-MP1460/GW can = DS-MP7608HN/GW --WI58: support Wi-Fi 5G (802.11AC) transmission, up to 70Mbps --GW means built-in 3G module that can be used all over the word. --GLF: means built-in 4G module * the exact 4G signal and frenquency might vary based on actural country and telecom.